Call For Proposals 2018

Talk Topics

PyBay is a developer-centric conference, focused primarily but not exclusively on the Python language. We'd love to hear your expertise in:

  • Python in the world of data science
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence with Python
  • Data visualization, data wrangling...
  • DevOps and infrastructure with Python
  • Frameworks and tools
  • High performance, reliable, and scalable applications
  • Core Python language features
  • Programming hardware with Python
  • Building, integrating, migrating your project using Python
  • The people side of engineering and community
  • Other stuff that you're passionate about

  • Feel free to browse 2016 and 2017's talk lists or watch SF Python's talk videos for inspirations.

    Proposal Guidelines

    CFP OPENS: 3/1 | ENDS: 4/10 (11:59pm PST)

  • Submit up to 3 proposals
  • 25 or 40 minutes talks
  • Select the best fit for category and level

  • The title, description, and abstract should sell your talk to attendees and reviewers. They should answer the questions: Why should I attend this talk? What will I learn? What makes this a compelling talk?

    For talks about open source projects you've written, you probably are familiar with what to cover.

    For talks about how Python is used at your company, we prefer those that clearly address or relate to real-world issues and examples. Including source code and having a narrative structure explaining how to reproduce what you’ve done are very much appreciated. If you are proposing a talk on one of the tools you or your business has created, consider talking about how it was built - and perhaps even tell us “war stories” from its creation or initial deployment that people can learn from.

    Talk Selection

    The first phase of selection is blind -- we'll only consider talk information and not speaker information. In the second phase of selection, we'll consider speaker information if needed.

    Our goal is to determine the program largely by talk content while still ensuring a diversity of talks and speakers.

    We will notify those who have been accepted by May 15, 2018. We’ll publish the list of selected talks as soon as we can after the deadline.

    Call For Proposals Form