Call For Proposals


PyBay is a developer-centric conference, focused primarily but not exclusively on the Python language. We're primarily seeking technical talks, though talks on the process and other topics relevant to the community will be considered. Feel free to browse last year's talk list, slides, and videos

Talks are 40 minutes

Call For Proposals opens: April 23

Call For Proposals ends: June 17 (at 11:59pm PST)

Proposal Guidelines

You may submit up to 3 proposals.

The title, description, and abstract should sell your talk to attendees and reviewers. They should answer the questions: Why should I attend this talk? What will I learn? What makes this a compelling talk?

Please select the best fit for the category and level fields below. Your talk may cover content that spans more than one category, but please choose the one that best describes its primary focus. The "/etc" category is for talks whose primary focus does not fit under the others.

Talk Selection 

The first phase of selection is blind -- we'll only consider talk information, and not speaker information. In the second phase of selection, we'll consider speaker information if needed.

Our goal is to determine the program largely by talk content while still ensuring a diversity of talks and speakers.

Call For Proposals Form