Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help?

Thanks for asking! If you have time between now and August, we’d love your help in planning and organizing PyBay. We're looking for help with marketing, tweeting, Facebook presence, building out our Django site and associated conference administration tools, managing our financial aid/scholarships program, speaker selection and management, and finding sponsors. Some of these roles come with a complimentary conference pass. Email Grace about your interest and experience, and let’s get the conversation going.

If you’d like to help during the conference, we have 20 work-trade roles including stuffing swag bags, staffing the registration station, info desk or food line, introducing speakers and managing session rooms, photographing the conference, and tweeting. Applications for work-trade roles will be available in late May. If you have already purchased your individual pass and are accepted in the work-trade program later, we will refund you the difference in cost.

When do passes go on sale?

Passes for the main conference go on sale starting Wednesday, May 24 at 12:00pm PST. Pre-conference workshops and one-day passes will go on sale in late June.

What’s up with the tiered pricing for individual passes?

PyBay is a conference organized by the community for the community. Last year's conference showed us that people like to wait until the last minute to purchase their pass. That's super stressful for your conference organizers, as we don't know ahead of time how many people to plan for. We hope that our tiered pricing will encourage folks to buy their passes earlier rather than later so we can have a better idea of our operating budget.

Why should I buy a corporate pass instead of an individual pass?

Because you want to do the right thing! Following the philosophy of PyCon, the national Python Conference, we're trying to keep the cost of PyBay low so that it's accessible to everyone who wants to attend. If you or your company can afford the corporate pass, please buy one. And companies sending multiple employees can qualify as a Python-powered Company!

How can our company be listed among those that support continuous education?

If you work at a startup and 20% or more of your engineering team is coming to PyBay, have your VP or Director of Engineering email us. Tell us how your company is using Python, your team size, and how many of your engineers have bought corporate PyBay passes. Attach your company's logo with a transparent background and give us a URL where you want your logo to link to. After we verify your info, we'll list your company under Python-powered Companies.

If only your data team uses Python, you might still qualify. Just write us.

If you're working for a fairly large company, once our registration system registers 10 or more developers from your company, we'll list your company.

What does my pass include?

Your PyBay pass includes continental breakfast, buffet lunch, a ton of coffee, a conference T-shirt, and goodies from conference sponsors. The more support we receive from sponsors and corporate ticket sales, the more we can offer back to you. Last year, we received just enough support to cover video recording of the talks, the opening party, and the job fair/tools expo. This year, we're hoping support from our sponsors will enable us to offer 20-minute massage sessions.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no, all sales are final. However, you can transfer your pass to someone else.